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Tailored leadership



Accelerate towards your business goals

Accelerating Business

Orbisa provides tools, techniques and approaches to build ambitious visions and accelerate businesses to meet goals and milestones faster.

These ensure all aspects of your business is in sync and aligned with your vision.  

Management support

Orbisa works with management teams over the long term.  Providing advice, guidance and a different perspective to meeting goals and challenges. Often performing the valuable role of a non-executive where an organisation hasn't yet formed or doesn't desire a full board.

Business Planning

Effective business planning is essential to success.

Orbisa works with you to build a strong understanding of how your numbers are driven to improve 

strategy, budgeting, risk analysis, cash flow, goal setting, raising finance and giving you a competitive edge and ability to succeed over the long term..

About Orbisa

Enlisting the right support is key to rapid success.

Having a board of experienced non-executive directors that would review, challenge, push and support me and my fellow directors was an important factor in business success when I was a CEO.  A goal of Orbisa is to make this type of powerful support available to companies that do not have a formal board. And where a formal board does exist Orbisa can help leaders prepare for and get the most out of their non-exec directors.

Working with clients regularly and over the long run provides a detailed understanding of their business, capabilities, people and challenges. My approach is one of a blend of advisor, coach and consultant; adopting the appropriate style to effect the most benefit in the shortest timescale.

My role is to help clients meet goals and realise their long-term visions in the shortest time frame.  To that end, Orbisa has a network of business experts to draw on should a specific skill set or experience be needed. 


Of course, sometimes clients have a specific and urgent need, issue or project that they need help with. This is often the initial engagement that is a catalyst for a successful long term relationship.

- Giles Whiteley, Orbisa. 

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